e-RFx is a dynamic platform that captures techno-commercial variables of any goods/services. e-RFx module helps in execution and deriving information, collecting quotation and floating techno-commercial proposals according to your requirement.

Key benefits of e-RFx:

  • e-RFx helps processing complex techno- commercial procurement requirements and facilitates regular purchases.
  • Single window for inviting techno-commercial quotes from multiple vendors.
  • On click techno-commercials comparatives.
  • Dynamic bidding form to process all types of transactions.


Matured with more than a decade of experience, ProcureTiger’s e-Tendering suite is the most dynamic tool available in the market. We provide an online platform to both – buyer and seller to simplify the procurement process for large projects in order to minimize time and maximize utility.

Our e-Tender solution include:

  • Weighted evaluation of bidders
  • Multi-staged negotiation
  • Dynamic User Interface
  • Multi-committee evaluation
  • Easy integration interface
  • Advanced formula creation
  • Audit trail report
  • Integrated payment gateway