Portfolio Based Procurement

Portfolio Based Procurement

ProcureTiger has studied a full comprehensive picture of organizations and it thus offers Portfolio Based Procurement as a strategic approach to procurement and spend management. All your category spend management rooted through e-procurement is Portfolio based Procurement. We act as a Point of Contact (POC) and manage the entire procurement process for your organization.

PBP is category or commodity specific thus it helps drive your organization's current spend management and capabilities. We deliver best results with the help of our category specific knowledge, manpower, expertise and supplier relationships.

The process of Portfolio Based Procurement includes:

  • Analysing the market database for suppliers as well as initial prices
  • To collaborate with suppliers for price discoveries and quotations through our E-Procurement suite
  • To find out the difficulty and risk associated with securing these goods, services and works
  • To incorporate appropriate strategies and provide platform to the client for simplified procurement process

The deliverables and scope as a part of our Portfolio Based Procurement are elaborated below:


  • Business Rule Document preparation
  • Earnest Money Deposit collection management

RFQ Management

  • Floating an RFQ between the PQ vendors (Tech + Commercial / Technical / Commercial).
  • Registering Buyers and Bidders
  • Providing complete training to Bidders and Buyers
  • Serving as a bridge between the Bidder and the company for any technical queries regarding the RFQ floated
  • Follow up on the vendors for the RFQ submission

RFQ Collation

  • Spooling and preparation of the comparative reports on the values and inputs received.
  • Prepare for the Auction and define the parameters with mutual discussions

Auction Management and Execution

  • Registering Buyers and Bidders
  • Providing complete training to Bidders and Buyers
  • Floating a mock event to check if auction meets the requirements
  • Ensuring Supplier participate in mock event
  • Ensuring supplier downloads & acknowledgement of the RFQ document
  • Mapping of pre-qualified suppliers to the events
  • Finding new vendors
  • Configuration of multiple time zone/currencies for global bidders
  • Managing and monitoring the entire event; concluding the event & submitting the reports
  • Generate and share Savings Report
  • Generate and share buyers and suppliers login date, time, and IP report
  • Generate and share bid history of all suppliers (all valid & invalid bids)
  • Data archival for business continuity periodic procurement
  • Providing vendors in case available in ProcureTiger current database
  • MIS, if multiple events are conducted

The entire Portfolio Based Procurement will be completed in 30 days.

Advantages of Portfolio Based Procurement

  • Ensures that expected savings are earned, managed and realized in a simplified and effective manner
  • It saves time and human effort
  • Reduces your supply chain costs
  • Improves supplier collaborations
  • Cuts your individual procurement process costs
  • Ensures timely supply of goods/services
  • Helps gauge the progress of a particular portfolio with respect to the whole procurement process
  • Gives a comprehensive report about the spend management that can be utilised for audit